Massage in the United States is considered a luxury, a special occasion, or only if you have money.
In reality, it is part of your self care and the maintenance of your body - because YOU are Important! You would NEVER allow your cell phone to run out of life ... so why do you?

Think of yourself as a car. Do you change the oil on a regular basis? Get new tires? Have maintenance appointments?
So why are you not keeping up on clearing out stress and negative energy, working on relieving the knots and tension, and getting your body back into its proper placements (shoulders down, walking straighter, etc.)

Even if you make yourself a priority once a month, the mental health alone is AMAZING!


Home & Flex Tower Gardens

With choices for indoor or outdoor growth, you can start eating fresh produce within 4 weeks

With Tower Garden You...
- Use 98% less water than traditional gardening
- Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating food miles and storage
- Use 90% less land than is normally required to grow produce
- Recycle 100% of nutrients and water using a closed-system technology
- Eliminates need for pesticides and herbicides producing clean, fresh food


Get Yourself Back

Take care of yourself by getting a massage from us

You aren't invincible - and that's okay. Healing Thyme Massage knows how to help you get back on your feet again after you've been knocked down. After all, they say thyme heals all wounds.

We'll work with your schedule to find a time and place that's easy for you. We travel to all our appointments. We can come to your house, assisted living facility or convalescence home.

With Jenni's unique approach and skill set as an intuitive empath licensed massage therapist - no two massages are alike. She listens to you as the individual AND what your body is saying too.

Call 602-753-9193 today to set up a massage appointment for yourself or a loved one.

What makes Healing Thyme Massage the right choice for you?

We've been offering healing massages for over 15 years. People get massages from us to recover and recuperate. We can help to improve your range of movement after an injury or surgery.

You don't have to travel all the way across town for a massage. We'll come to you. Our mobile massages make it possible for you to get the massage you need wherever you need it. Healing Thyme Massage even makes house calls.

Our goal is to help you feel like yourself again

We can evaluate your condition and determine the proper massage for you. Our therapeutic massages can make it easier for you to move and go about your daily business.

The massages we do can help you if you're dealing with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Debilitating injuries
  • Recent surgery
  • Active 55+
  • Auto immune disorders
Contact us now to find out more about our techniques.

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