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Throughout your life, your body and mind have seen you through many difficult experiences. Eventually, these daily struggles can build up and become unbearable. Our intuitive owner, Jenni, will pay attention to your needs to help you care for yourself.

During your massage, she'll clear out the stress and negative energy that's weighing you down, work on relieving knots and tension and help your body and mind get back into proper alignment. She creates tailored experiences for every client and will listen to your words while reading the signs of your body to help you find relief.

Once Jenni understands what you're facing, she'll target your problems with you. She's sought to help clients find relief from a variety of struggles, like debilitating injuries, chronic pain and recent surgeries and she even assists clients who are over the age of 55+ who want to maintain active lifestyles and clients who have autoimmune disorders.

Make yourself a priority and schedule a massage today. Even if you can only come in once a month, your body and mind will thank you.

Find your way back to yourself

You aren't invincible - and that's okay! Everyone gets knocked down occasionally, but you don't have to heal your body, mind and spirit by yourself. At Healing Thyme Massage, we'll help you get back to your feet. As an intuitive empath with over 15 years of massage experience, Jenni can help you recover and recuperate. We'll work with your schedule to find a time and place that works for you. We can travel to your home, assisted living facility or convalescence home.

They say that thyme heals all wounds, and we find this to be true. Jenni employs a unique approach as an intuitive empath that allows her to tailor each massage to the needs of the client. Using her perceptive capabilities, our owner will help you release the pockets of energy your body is holding onto as you process your grief, stress or pain.

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Surprised my husband for his 50th with an in home massage from Jenny, and he LOVED it. Thank You! Definitely Recomend. She is easy going and put him right at ease!

Not only is Healing Thyme massage convenient, but she really does an amazing job. Sometimes we don't articulate what we want correctly, but our bodies do and she listens to our words AND our bodies. I'll be a repeat customer for sure!

I can not properly express the joy and gratitude I have for my experiences with Jen. She's been my massage therapist for around a year. I suffer from chronic pain from old injuries and she is amazing at releasing it. Sometimes I am so miserable, it affects all aspects of life. Pain really wears a person down over time. Jen worked with me to find the best way to work my muscles to release the pain. She put me at ease immediately and I did not feel self conscious at all about my body or size. I have been in a euphoric state of mind after experiencing the relief more than once.

Jen is wonderful! I've had many a massage but never has anyone really been able to work with my physical issues. After a severe back injury and nerve damage, it's been a long road to recovery. Jen has a healing intuition and knew exactly where my body needed different pressures and strokes and she adjusted seamlessly.

Thank goodness for Jenni. She was able to help my shoulders more than the doctors and physical therapist I went to for three months! She has a great energy and uses it help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Totally worth every penny.

Jenny always makes sure to ask if I have any problem areas before she starts a massage. I had an episode with Bell's palsy and after she worked on me I noticed tremendous improvement in my speech! I highly recommend Jenny and have referred family and friends!

Jenni went to my mom at the assisted living facility where she lives. She was very kind and really assessed mom's physical issues, she has Parkinson's, bursitis in one hip and arthritis in the other. Mom said she was really relaxed, so relaxed she didn't think her legs would hold her up. Mom will be scheduling again! Thank you Jenni!!

Jen is fantastic, she just seems to know where the problem areas are at. Her prices are very reasonable and she comes to you by appointment instead of having to find time to go somewhere to wait. I can hardly wait for my next appointment

Today my amazing husband surprised me with an hour body massage from Ms. Jenny. I was super nervous at first as it's been so long since I have had a massage. Jenny is THEEEE BESTTTT!!! She worked on all the areas that I needed her to and did so good explaining to me what she was doing. I would highly recommend her services.

Jen is wonderful! Very intuitive & great energy worker. I highly recommend her services. What a luxurious experience to have a massage at home & not have to drive anywhere or be in a hurry to lwave. It was an entirely different kind of massage & I loved it!.

With a busy schedule, I appreciate the fact that Jenni comes right to my house when I do have an open time frame! I never dreamed of having someone come to my house, until now. This helps me get the stress reduction I need with the stress that comes with my job. She always checks in on if you have any new areas of need each and every time. She is very personable and makes you feel comfortable too!

Did You Know?

Physical touch makes you healthier.

Studies show that massages, hugs, and hand-holding reduces stress and boosts the immune system.