Manage Pain and Regain Mobility

Our massages can make you feel young at heart

Many elderly clients and assisted living patients may feel confined to their homes, or even confined to their couches. Healing Thyme Massage can help. We can work on clients while they remain seated or lying down in bed or in their chair.

Our massages change from case to case. We'll assess your condition or the condition of your loved one to determine the best way we can help. We'll talk to you about your day-to-day life to figure out what kind of massage will benefit you the most.

Call 602-753-9193 now to plan a massage for your elderly loved one.

Massage can provide the relief you or a loved one needs

Massage can provide the relief you or a loved one needs

Our massages at Healing Thyme Massage can help with mobility, blood flow through out the body and the natural tension that builds in stressful situations and times of change. We assess each client and not only listen to their spoken needs, but what the body is telling us it needs.
We are happy to travel to where ever you reside; Your home, an assisted living, nursing home or rehabilitation facility.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.