Benefits of a Custom Massage

We cater your experience based on your needs

We work with a variety of people in many different professions. No matter your profession, many people can experience stress and pain from their job.
Stress, the effects of sitting during a commute or at your desk all day, and prolonged screen exposure can all have negative impacts on your body.

Healing Thyme Massage focuses on stretching as part of our massage, as well as a range of pressure. Increased blood flow and circulation is beneficial for everyone.


Massage in the United States is considered a luxury, a special occasion, or only if you have money.
In reality, it is part of your self care and the maintenance of your body - because YOU are Important! You would NEVER allow your cell phone to run out of life ... so why do you?

Think of yourself as a car. Do you change the oil on a regular basis? Get new tires? Have maintenance appointments?
So why are you not keeping up on clearing out stress and negative energy, working on relieving the knots and tension, and getting your body back into its proper placements (shoulders down, walking straighter, etc.)

Even if you make you this a priority once a month, the mental health alone is AMAZING!

All of our massages are based on how our clients are feeling at the time of thier appointment. This massage will be different that any other massage Healing Thyme gives because it is based on you. We can help relieve pain in the:

  • Neck
  • Legs¬†
  • Feet
  • Back
  • Arms¬†

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